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17, Ohr Torah High School Toulouse, France, PA

Sarah Gillet wows all who meet her with her upbeat attitude and perseverance even in the toughest of times. She credits both for her chapter’s ability to bounce back even stronger after the pandemic. This persistence was put to the test, as Sarah organized virtual torah and cooking classes, as well as meals for the elderly during covid-confinement. When her shlucha became ill herself, Sarah was left to bear the brunt of teen engagement when no one was going out.


Getting the teens back in person was even harder. Through the challenges, Sarah’s buoyant mood always managed to uplift others. A warm greeting, a heartfelt smile, and everything instantly felt better. When asked, her favorite events to plan have been the mother & daughter party and her chapter’s end-of-year gala.


One of Sarah’s most exhilarating successes has been the European Shabbat in Budapest, which was made possible by the support of the many young people passionate about the project. For Sarah, the event realized a truth about her brand of leadership. Connection. As she explains, “When I became a cteen leader, I wanted to help other teens feel inspired to learn and grow as people. Seeing them get excited and put so much of their own effort into making it happen, finally made me feel that I was doing this leadership thing right.”

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