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Transitioning into college is challenging.

For Jewish students, this acclimation is heightened with the additional test of preserving one’s Jewish lifestyle and defying the growing anti-semitic factions.

At Campus Connect, teens become acquainted with Chabad on Campus well before entering the college scene.​

Jumpstart your Future with this intellectually stimulating course on Mitzvot and Jewish holidays.

Encounter classic texts and engage in thoughtful, open discussion on happiness, faith, purpose, choices and freedom.

Bringing Mitzvot to your doorstep, the CTeen Mitzvah Bank provides teens with Judaic items including Tefillin, Shabbat candles, Tzitzit, and Mezuzot.

TGIS is the signature

CTeen Shabbat celebration.

The annual International TGI Shabbat Weekend unites chapters worldwide in celebration of Shabbat.       

Venture the sights and experience the thrills of 5 states in the American west! 

Explore the heart-stirring sites of Jewish trial and triumph on a quest to discover the indomitable spirit and strength of our people.

What better way to show off your Jewish pride than a public display at a sports arena? With star studded Jewish entertainers and public Menorah lightings, CTeen’s Jewish Heritage night will brighten up your Chanukah.

No topic is off limits. Delve into Torah's timeless wisdom with your personal Torah Buddy.

CTeen’s blog and magazine written for teens, by teens is an amazing outlet for you to share your voice, creativity, and inspiration.

The Kosher Food Club, a co-curricular high school club facilitated by CTeen chapters in local schools, serves as a humanitarian initiative by promoting healthy lifestyles and feeding the homeless, as well as providing educational and hands on experiences of traditional Jewish foods.

Talk to your principal about kickstarting a KFC club at your school.

Leadership encourages teens to take an active role in their communities and beyond.​ Leaders are empowered to add their creative input and talents to engage their peers in fun and meaningful ways.​

Event planning, team building, marketing, and delegating are some of the essential tools teen leaders explore at the Leadership Day.

Torah Talks spark discussion and debate through experiential learning and visual/media aids.

Have a blast with local Jewish teens while making a difference in your community! CTeen Jr. leads to continuous and greater Jewish engagement all the way through high school and beyond.

Through various volunteer activities across the spectrum of causes, teens are making this world a better place with Impact. Impact’s tracking system logs volunteer hours, certifying the participants with a transcript that will help teens complete school volunteer quotas.

Join teens from your neighborhood on an exciting overnight trip. The adventure is planned by you and your fellow teens. Stay local and enjoy the highlight of your summer.

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