We are Not the Leaders of the future.

We are the Leaders of today.

Create the next generation of Jewish leaders by empowering teens to take action

Networking opportunities with over 280 leaders from around the world



leadership faq

Q. What is CTeen Leadership?

The CTeen leadership program encourages teens to take an active role in their communities and beyond.

CTeen leaders are empowered to add their creative input and talents to develop continuous methods that consistently engage their peers in fun and meaningful ways.

Q. How many leaders can my chapter have?

Every chapter is allowed (and encouraged) to choose maximum six leaders. You do not need to appoint all six, any number under that is fine. Two of your leaders can enroll in ICLB (International Chapter Leadership Board) to represent your chapter internationally.

Q. What help do my leaders recieve from CTeen HQ?

  • Access to over 1,800 marketing materials, event resources, games and more on our online Leadership Lounge

  • Networking opportunities with over 280 teen leaders from around the world

  • Personalized assistance and coaching from CTeen Headquarters

  • Exclusive teen led webinars and training initiatives

Q. Where do my leaders sign up?

Q. More questions?

Contact Risa Mond at risa@cteencentral.com

Q. What are some incentives for my leaders? 

  • Oppurtunity to recieve college reccomendations from CTeen HQ 

  • Public recognition on social media and at the CTeen INTL. Shabbaton

  • Automatic invitation to exclusive Regional Leadership Training Days and the INTL Leadership Retreat

  • Personalized leadership sweatshirts on shop.cteen.com

CTeen Leadership has taught me that Juadism and all that it encompasses  isn't just for keeping to myself; it is for spreading to all and doing so with acceptance and love.


Ben bursk, manchester, uk

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