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The Next Generation of CTeen

Born and raised in the CTeen atmosphere, meet a new generation of Chabad rabbis and rebbetzins.

Daddy’s Boy

Moshe Rapaport

Mequon, WI


Mendel Rapaport

Northridge, CA


Rabbi Mendel grew up with CTeen, watching his dad take the lead, then came full circle after getting married and moving out to start a chapter of his own. Hear from father and son to see how the apple doesn’t fall too far from the CTeen tree.

Mendel: “I like to say that my Father makes Judaism ‘Jewcy’―it all comes alive with him. Especially for teens. He was one of the first to open a CTeen. I grew up with it all. Running the mitzvah mobile, making shabbos meals, going on Shabbatons. The teens were some of my closest friends growing up. Many of them came to my wedding. It’s been a huge part of my life. The way my dad connects with teens is something that’s personally inspired me. He gives his ALL, one hundred thousand percent. He’s the reason why I’m back here.

Moshe: “Mendel has always been part of the programs we’ve done with teens―even before CTeen INTL got off the ground. Mendel doesn’t know it, but as a baby they all loved to pass him around. He was a huge hit. I’ve learned a lot from being his father. His innovation and enthusiasm has brought a lot to the way I’ve honed my experience. He empowers teens to recognize and actualize themselves. They are learning who they are (and can BE) as Jews today.”

Mommy and Me

Bassie Marcus

Mission Viejo, CA


Chana (Marcus) Ganzburg

S. Paulo, Brazil


As a kid, Chana Marcus always helped her mom run teen programs. After she got married, she moved with her new husband to Brazil to launch a CTeen chapter of her own. The next generation is going strong!


We got started with teen programs because we wanted to stay connected with our Hebrew school grads. (This was way before CTeen was a thing.)

I love working with teens because I literally get to watch them go from children to young adults. It’s so special to be able to help them grow on their journey and be there to help them explore and their questions on life. We get to plant healthy seeds which can help them lead lives with more purpose and connection to their neshamos.

I enjoy learning about mental health and helping myself and others navigate life. I infuse this passion of mine in every CTeen event. I love normalizing the challenges we and especially teens struggle with today and create a space where teens feel comfortable sharing their truth and their challenges. This way we can all support each other and breathe easier.

Chana, like our other children, was always so involved in our shlichus and truly on our team! She was always running programs, setting up for events and interacting with guests. As a parent, I have strived to raise our family and our children to see the value, joy, and beauty of creating community for our Jewish brothers and sisters.

It is so satisfying and fills me with so much joy and pride that Chana shares these values.

She's moving to a place where she doesn’t speak the language—I’m in awe of her courage.


What an adventure it has been here in Brazil, meeting so many amazing teens whom I’m proud to call friends. I love how teenagers are optimistic, creative and lots of fun. My mom taught me so much, like how to empathize, listen and be there for the teens through their journey into adulthood.


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