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18, Ecole supérieur Sylvia Terrade Paris Lafayette France

Not one to sit on the sidelines, Lucie is a high impact leader who loves to change it up. For Lucie, Cteen is about creating new experiences every day. More than just a fun time with friends, she sees these experiences as character building, each bringing its own maturity and greater clarity of vision.


Responsibility is a defining trait of Lucie’s leadership, and it was this responsibility that initially intrigued her about her role as leader. Her organizational skills and creativity are palpable in every thrilling event she designs, growing her chapter’s excitement for Jewish life. “Unstoppable. That’s how I’d describe my Cteen experience.” Lucie shares. 


With a knack for fundraising, Lucie has successfully connected with potential contributors, increasing donations to make these events happen. Some of her favorite outings she’s planned include a skating party, painting workshops, visiting with young disabled people at Futuroscope, and a Jumps Parc funday. 


Together with Lucie’s volunteership, a new Cteen chapter was formed in Palaiseau, where she volunteered to lead Club Adolescents. Here, she connects with other young Jewish girls, helping them grow in their learning of Judaism. “Cteen has been a big part of my life,” she adds. “It’s essential.”

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