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Back to Your Future.

Live, learn, and get real with other growth-oriented students from around the world.

Your life doesn’t happen on the page. Neither does your learning. Make it an experience!

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Merit Scholarship

The Meromim Foundation Merit Scholarship, is an award for outstanding young men and women who wish to pursue a year of learning and Jewish leadership development.

  • Q. Who is eligible to receive a mentor?
    All applicants must be officially registered in the INTL Leadership Network.
  • Q. What do I gain as a mentee?
    Leaders receive personal guidance from mentors who use their experience to help them best fulfill their responsibilities--from the best ways to work as a leadership board, to planning a program, step-by-step.
  • Q. What happens after I sign up to be matched with a mentor?
    You should receive an email confirming receipt of your application. After it’s reviewed and accepted, you will receive an official welcome email with your mentor’s contact information. The mentor will then initiate a phone or video meeting.
  • Q. Who pairs the mentors with their mentees?
    CTeen HQ pairs the leaders based on their personalities, chapter sizes, and geographic locations.

Going to Israel after CTeen was hands down the best decision I have ever made! Yeshiva allowed me to dig deep into myself and discover the depth and beauty of my soul! I am forever grateful that I took the leap!


Zach Horowitz,

Wilmington, DE

applY Now



Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies

Challenge your mind and nurture your soul with world-renowned Jewish educators in the heart of Jerusalem.

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Traditional Yeshiva learning, enhanced with hour-by-hour introductory classes.



Delve into the depths of the intellectual and mystical aspects of Jewish life in a vibrant environment.


Yeshiva Temimei Darech

The One and Only English Speaking Yeshiva For Beginners In Northern Israel

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Gain practical wisdom from on high when you ignite your soul with a spiritual retreat in the mountains of Northern Israel.


Torah Ohr

Discover 5,000 years of Jewish wisdom and apply it to contemporary society,  guided by passionate staff in sunny North Miami Beach.

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Bader Hillel High

Age old tradition meets new-age education, woven together to create a learning environment that's the perfect balance of flexible and ambitious.


Merkos Women

Providing students with the support and educational tools to underpin their life time journey of Jewish living and growth.

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 South Florida Jewish Academy

South Florida Jewish Academy  plays a vital role in assisting children in transitioning from public schools. It stands as an accredited educational institution that offers a nurturing environment for children to thrive in both secular and Judaica studies. This combination allows them to grow academically and cultivate a deep love for their Jewish heritage.

The Meromim Foundation Merit Scholarship is made possible by the  


Meromim Foundation

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