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See here for BBYO’s covid policy.

BBYO IC will take place in a hotel and costs $1,099 (from Thursday- Monday).

Preliminary Covid Policy for INTL Shabbaton

CTeen International is committed to the safety and well-being of our teens, staff and leaders. 


We are delighted to announce that we are expecting to hold the INTL Shabbaton in-person over the weekend of February 24 - 27. Due to the covid pandemic and the constantly changing realities and associated government regulations, the guidelines below and Shabbaton details, will be subject to change and can only be confirmed much closer to the start date.


For the safety and protection of all participants, staff, and organizers, we will follow all Federal and State health and safety guidelines. The State of New York, where the Shabbaton will be held, currently requires people attending large gatherings to be vaccinated. All participants, organizers, and staff attending CTeen INTL Shabbaotn will be required to be vaccinated against covid-19.


The following protocols will be in place during INTL Shabbaton in order to prevent the spread of and mitigate exposure to covid-19:


  • All attendees, organizers, and staff will be required to show proof of vaccination prior to departure to the INTL Shabbaton

  • All attendees and staff will be required to follow New York State mandated health guidelines both during group activities and free time

  • Meals and programs will be structured in smaller groups

  • In the 14 days prior to travelling to INTL Shabbaton all attendees and staff will commit not to travel outside their home country, to avoid attending large gatherings and to be vigilant in following covid-19 safety protocols

  • We will set up a quarantine house for teens to isolate in should they develop covid symptoms

  • Chapter leaders will vet host families and hospitality suites to ensure that teens will be staying in a covid-safe environment

  • All participants are advised to purchase travel insurance with coverage for covid-related illness, prior to traveling to CTeen Intl Shabbaton

  • CTeen International will consult with medical experts before and during INTL Shabbaton and follow all advised directives.

With these protocols in place and following the guidance of our medical experts and those experienced at planning large events and adhering to government guidelines we are confident that we will be able to hold a safe and healthy in-person INTL Shabbaton this year.


We are already experienced with planning and organizing in-person events and trips safely during pandemic conditions. During Summer 2021 CTeen International successfully led CTeen Summer’s travel programs for over 300 teens and 50 staff members without the emergence of a single case of covid-19. We are grateful and proud of our success and will use our experience to inform our planning of INTL Shabbaton and future in-person events.

Additionally our strong team of experts will guide our planning to ensure the health, safety and efficiency of INTL Shabbaton 2022.


As stated earlier, all plans are subject to change and can not be confirmed until closer to the dates of the Shabbaton. Shabbaton fees will be fully refundable until 30 days before Shabbaton begins, after which fees will be refundable minus the 6% credit card charges.

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