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17, Ozar hatorah Creteil Massy, France

An unshakeable idealist who believes in the power of Jewish youth, Levana Calvo became a Cteen leader to help teens achieve their fullest potential. Whether by advancing in Torah, Jewish practice, or in life, Levana hopes to assist Cteen in achieving its goals as today’s representative of Jewish teens.


Levana brings her deep love for her chapter to everything she does as a leader. This also includes her passion for cooking. Fully at home in the kitchen, Levana loves to bake, cook and decorate her delicious creations. It may come as no surprise then that many of the events she has organized involve awesome food, from sushi and pizza to challah and cheesecake. In addition, her efforts were greatly integral to helping her Shlucha plan a Lag BaOmer bash this past spring. 


Since becoming a leader, Levana has inspired teens in her community to learn about their heritage. Today, she regularly distributes holiday items and learns one on one with other girls interested in understanding more about their amazing history as Jews. “If I’ve helped just one person grow a little bit more in their Judaism and make a difference, then my teen years are all worth it.”

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