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Coronavirus might be keeping us separated physically, but not spirtually! Time for some more Soul Care.

In addition to our live videos, continue scrolling to read some of our favorite reads, videos, and practical actions to make use of your time!

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Some of our Favorite Videos

Some of our Favorite Reads

Six Things You Can Do About Coronavirus

Mendy Kaminker

Think Positive

Mendel Kalmenson

How To Cook For Shabbat While Social Distancing

Miriam Szokovski

& More...

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 Game of Phones

How fast you can find a pic of......

  1. CTeen’s first Time Square takeover

  2. The world’s largest matza

  3. A Haggadah that is over 200 years old

  4. Preps for the world’s largest Seder

  5. Cleaning supplies that begins with the letter “F”

  6. Something we dip at the seder

  7. Frogs

  8. Pharaoh

  9. A pre-passover selfie of a celebrity

  10. A corny passover cartoon

  11. What slavery means today

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Shabbat Meal

How to Cook for Shabbat While Social Distancing.


Get acquainted with praying in your own home on Shabbat. 


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Print out some interesting thoughts on this weeks Torah portion to discuss with family.

Watch this video on discovering the joys of a full Shabbat experience.

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Shabbat Candles

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