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CTeen Shluchos Bootcamp

The Torah's Perspective
on Gender Identity
Monday, August 1, 2 PM ET

Rabbi Chaim Rapoport

Author, educator, lecturer and Judaic scholar.

Monday, August 1, 2 PM ET
A hands-on and head-in workshop where we will walk through the steps of setting up our chapters for a successful year ahead.
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Mushka Friedman

Conejo, CA

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Cultivating an Invested
Teen Community



Shayna Sapo

Upper West Side, NY

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The Almost Adult

Dena Gorkin

Principal of Bnos Chomesh

Discover the inner-workings of your audience with an in-depth look at teen development. Gain an understanding of who teens are and what it is that they need from you now.


Know Thy Place

Eliminate sticky situations and awkward conversations. Clarifying your role as a CTeen shlucha will help build trusting relationships with parents and their teens.

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Paradigm Shift

Having the chapter of your dreams requires intention. Learn how to create your ideal atmosphere and mindfully set up your year-calendar.

Adina Landa.jpg

The Gift of Presence

Adina Landa, Life Coach

Learn how to be present even when things aren't perfect, plus time management tips and the secret to delegating successfully.

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On A Mission

Identify your chapter’s unique strengths with a mission statement that will keep your goals front and center, and empower your leaders to bring that vision to reality.

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Practically Speaking

The ‘dos and don'ts’ of executing a successful program, from planning to application, and everything in between. Finish the series with tried and true, creative, and practical ideas to keep in your back pocket.


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