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17, Neshaminy High School Bucks County, PA

Known for her open heart and mind, Aden Kaplan is always on the hunt for new ideas and possibilities to explore. The curiosity to learn and challenge herself is a quality that infuses every aspect of her leadership. In her time as a Cteen leader, she has introduced innovative and exciting initiatives to help spread the light and increase her chapter’s growth. These events include a monthly supper and study, glow parties in the sukkah, meaningful movie nights, and a chapter-wide mitzvot drive in honor of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s birthday. 


And those delicious to-go bags at this year’s International Shabbaton? Also Aden. When Cteen was looking for new goodies to bring to the table, Aden joined the International Shabbaton Committee, adding creative solutions for both the candle ceremony and banquet. 


(If you’re thinking you’ve seen her face before, well, you’re not wrong. Aden was one of the teens featured in the shabbaton’s opening video broadcasted on the big screens of Times’ Square.) 


Like many of her peers, Aden chose the path of Cteen leader from a desire to inspire others. “One of my biggest goals has been to help teens take pride in their unique Jewish identity. Getting to share mine up there, in one of the greatest cities of the world, is a moment I’ll always remember.”

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